Change hotkey to activate Dash in Unity 2D

I am a big fan of Unity 2D. Yes, I really like that, esr’s opinion notwithstanding. Compared to standard unity, it is much smoother and without annoying eye-candy animations. The only problem is the lack of a simple tool to configure Unity 2D.

The only option I really want is to change the hotkey for activating the Dash; the default is the Super key (that usually means the Win key), which is not ok with me, as I remapped the Win key to the Meta key (much more used inside Emacs).

After a bit of googling I reached a relevant Ask Ubuntu thread which, unfortunately, refers to an older version of Unity-2D. After some investigation I found that the new command that must be associated to the hotkey is

dubs-send --type=method_call --dest=com.canonical.Unity2d.Dash /Dash com.canonical.Unity2d.Dash.activateHome

To choose the hotkey you can follow the path System settings -> keyboard settings and finally set the desired shortcut.

Published by Gianluca Della Vedova

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