Or: What I like and support

  • FSFE: Free Software Foundation Europe.
  • PlayOgg: Don’t use DRM files
  • Wikipedia
  • Not f'd Not f’d – you won’t find me on Facebook
  • Open Document Format
  • Debian
  • Ubuntu
  • Emacs
  • No software patents. A program is a way to express algorithms, which are not patentable by the Bern convention. Then why should you want to patent a program?
  • Email Charter We’re drowning in email. We can reverse this spiral only by mutual agreement.
  • Science Code Manifesto Software is a cornerstone of science. Without software, twenty-first century science would be impossible. Without better software, science cannot progress. But the culture and institutions of science have not yet adjusted to this reality.
  • Electronic Frontier Foundation Member
  • Member of The Internet Defense League

Published by Gianluca Della Vedova


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